Name recognition
All employers have websites of their own where they list job openings. However, a fundamental obstacle is lack of name recognition. Unless employers have name recognition they can’t attract visitors to their site. Thus their competitiveness in the job market is severely restricted. This is especially true for smaller brand name firms, generics manufacturers and for start-ups.

Job location
Many candidates would be willing to relocate for the right job. Families usually have target locations in mind, but job seekers lack information on available jobs in their target cities, states or regions.

Ad costs
Ad costs are another dilemma for employers. Budget considerations require corporate recruiting departments to carefully choose the jobs they can advertise when in fact they would prefer to advertise them all.

The answer
PHARMAJOBS WEBLINK ™ solves all these problems at once. WEBLINK ™ will:

1. Raise employers’ profiles and name recognition.
2. Move job seekers directly to employers’ web sites and job listings.
3. Level the playing field to ensure competitiveness in the talent market.
4. Enables employers to display all their job openings at a fraction of cost.
5. Enables job seekers to find job opportunities in their target locations.

Employers can be searched by location and product line and job seekers will discover them at a fraction of employers’ advertising costs. We guarantee it!

How to search
Searching on PHARMAJOBS WEBLINK ™ is done in three simple steps:

Step 1: Simply open the site, select “Location”, then select “Industry”, click and presto a list of employers in your target location will appear, displaying company name, address and a direct link to employers’ websites.
Step 2: Clicking on the link connects candidates to the employer’s website to browse and review all job listings.
Step 3: Submit resume.