The WEBLINK ™ is a REVOLUTIONARY CONCEPT in online recruiting. It is the answer to unproductive job boards, stale resume sites, fruitless career fairs and time consuming searches! By being linked directly to employers’ websites at their targeted job location, job seekers are enabled to review employers’ websites in detail and respond directly to job opportunities 24/7.

Advantage: Industry Specialization for Quality
The WEBLINK ™ was created exclusively for FDA-regulated industries. Candidates are admitted with appropriate industry experience.

Advantage: Job Location is Paramount
The WEBLINK ™ lists all employers by all their locations; job seekers search by and are connected to the websites of employers that match desired job locations.

Advantage: Name Recognition Achieved
The WEBLINK ™ remedies any lack of name recognition, thereby guaranteeing equal access to and by the best available talent for all participating employers REGARDLESS OF SIZE.

Advantage: List & Review All  Jobs Until Filled
The WEBLINK ™ enables employers to display and job seekers to review and respond to ALL LISTED JOBS FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME until filled.

Advantage: Qualified Responses Every Day
The WEBLINK ™ converts potential candidates into active job seekers and provides a steady stream of qualified candidates with industry experience.