Resume Mechanics(SM) is an operating division of PROTECHPHARMA® Career Solutions, LLC.

protech logoPROTECHPHARMA® has a long history of professional recruiting. The firm was formed in 1986 as a nationwide recruiting service for the pharmaceutical industry, but its roots go back even further to 1970 when Bob Brakel, Owner and President, entered the professional recruiting field. Over the years we have performed diversified recruiting services for the banking industry, cement industry, metal manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical industry, biotech industry and medical device industry.

We have reviewed and evaluated more than 100,000 resumes and in recent years it has become painfully obvious that the resume format that has been used since, what seems to be, time immemorial no longer serves the realities of today’s computerized recruiting.

FINAL LOGO @)!!We live in the time of computer bytes, key words and twitter. Today’s tools are Applicant Tracking Systems and Resume Portals, which function as computerized, mindless hurdles which filter out approximately 75% of all resume submissions regardless of whether education and experience fit the job.

RESUME MECHANICS(SM) was formed as a tool for candidates to overcome these obstacles. Resume optimization aims to align resume content with job requirements, which is easier said than done. However, through experience and expertise we have come to know techniques which enable candidates’ resumes to punch through most filters and land on the hiring manager’s desk monitor where knowledgeable review can take place. The tool is known as Resume Optimization.

canstockphoto12025746We have also received feed-back on thousands of phone and in-person interviews and have come to know common unforced errors which have eliminated interviewees from further consideration. We are in a position to knowledgeable and expertly coach candidates on successful interview techniques. We call it Interview Optimization.

We are offering all candidates ways to improve and optimize the application process, achieve greater numbers of successful interviews and ultimately obtain more and betters job offers.